I taught this class along with Peter Folk over four days at Uni High. We gave fairly informal lectures alternating with demos, experiments, and calculations on the board. About 10 kids took the class, from seniors to subfreshmen. The seniors and juniors had taken enough science that they knew what we were talking about most of the time, but seemed to be happy to see how to actually apply what they had heard about. A few cries of "Oh, so *that's* why our physics teacher said ..." were enough to make us think we were doing something useful. The younger kids had a more difficult time understanding us, so it was very difficult to pace the class to accommodate everyone. Also, there were two or three jokers who didn't want to pay attention most of the time. It was useful to put them in charge of physical activities, like holding a pendulum or blowing a trumpet, so that they would be forced to exercise some control. In the end, we got some very positive comments.