Werthwein Family Tree

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This is a translation of the Werthwein family tree chart, written in German in the old cursive script, in the possession of Phyllis Ream, by Dan and Paul Grayson. Dan has gone to the local Mormon genealogical library and ordered the microfilms for Knittlingen to confirm the names and dates provided by the family tree chart; those films are made from the backup copies in the archives in Stuttgart. Another thing we could do is to visit Knittlingen to look at the original church books.


German transcription: Stambaum der Famielie Weiss und Haug Dürwächter und Werthwein

English translation: The family tree of the families Weiss, Haug, Dürwächter, and Werthwein.


German transcription: cupilirt 13 Febr. 1765

English translation: Married February 13, 1765.


German transcription: Berhard Friederich Weiss geb. den 8 Dezember 1743. Bürger und Küfer hier. gestorben den 4 Dezember 1777. hier

English translation: Bernhard Friederich Weiss: born December 7, 1742; citizen and barrel maker (cooper) here; died December 4, 1777, here.


German transcription: cupilirt 13 Juli 1779

English translation: Married July 13, 1779.


German transcription: Maria Elisabetha geboren Plag geboren den 8 Juni 1748 hat sich zum 2te mal verheirathet mit Ferdinant Christian Haug.

English translation: Maria Elizabetha Plag: born June 8, 1748; remarried to Ferdinand Christian Haug.


German transcription: Ferdinant Christian Haug geb. den 16 November 1752. Küfermeister hier ist den Aussagen dem untenstehenden Jakob Friederich Dürwächter mit den Kappanisten 1805 mit Frau ausgewandert nach Amerika

English translation: Ferdinand Christian Haug: born November 16, 1752; master barrel maker here; [it's hard to translate this next bit] is the statement to Jakob Friedrich Dürwächter listed below with the "Kappanisten"; emigrated to America in 1805 with his wife.


German transcription: Maria Magdalina Weiß geb. 8 August 1766. gestorben den 3 Juli 1772.

English translation: Maria Magdalina Weiss, born August 8, 1766; died July 3, 1772.


German transcription: Georg Friederich Weiß geboren hier den 12 Mai 1768 gestorben den 4 Mai 1778.

English translation: Georg Friederich Weiss, born here May 12, 1768; died May 4, 1778.


German transcription: cupulirt den 13. Febr. 1794.

English translation: Married February 13, 1794.


German transcription: Ana Maria geboren Weiß geboren den 11. April 1771 hat sich zum 2te mal verheirathet mit Johanes Bauer gestorben den 20 Augst zu Ruith. 1852.

English translation: Ana Maria Weiss; born April 11, 1771. Her second marriage was to Johannes Bauer October 28, 1806. She died August 20, 1852, in Ruith.


German transcription: Jakobina Chathrina Weiss geboren den 12 April 1775 unbekant was aus ihr geworden ist

English translation: Jakobina Chathrina Weiss, born April 12, 1775; it's unknown what became of her; [the middle name is probably a misspelling of Katharina]


German transcription: Johan Jakob Dürwächter geboren den 8 Februar 1746 Schuster hier gestorben den 24 Januar 1806

English translation: Johan Jakob Dürwächter: born February 8, 1746, he was a shoe maker, and he died here January 24, 1806.


German transcription: [Johanes B]auer [???] Otisheim gestorben den 8 Dezember 1824 die aus der Ehe geboren Weiß geboren Kinder sind bald nach der Geburt gestorben.

English translation: Johannes Bauer: born October 28, 1806; [???] in the town of Otisheim, died December 8, 1824; the children of Johannes Bauer and Ana Maria Weiss died soon after birth.


German transcription: Jakobina Friederika geb Dürwächter geboren den 16 Januar 1797. Es ist unbenkant was aus ihr geworden ist. Es fehlt nur die Bemerkung dabei komt 1811. nicht unter den Confirmanten was vielleicht auf Auswanderung beÿ Theilnahme der sepradisten Bewegung deuten soll.

English translation: Jakobina Friederika Dürwächter, born January 16, 1797. It is unknown what became of her; there is no annotation about it. She wasn't one of the confirmands in 1811, which might signify emigration through participation in the separatist movement.


German transcription: Jakob Friederich Dürwächter geb den 14 Januar 1804. ist ausgewandert lebt in Amerika in Philadelphia

English translation: Jakob Friederich Dürwächter: born January 14, 1804; emigrated and lives in America, in Philadelphia.


German transcription: [???] Jakobina geb. Dürwächter geb. den 14 Januar 1804 Zwilling unbekant was aus ihr geworden ist. komt 1818 nicht unter den Confirmanten

English translation: [???] Jakobina Dürwächter: born January 14, 1804, (twin); it's unknown what became of her, as she wasn't one of the confirmands in 1818.


German transcription: Rosina Friederika geb. Dürwächter geb. den 10 Juli 1799 hat sich zum 2te mal verheirathet

English translation: Rosina Friederika Dürwächter: born July 10, 1799. Remarried.


German transcription: Johanes Wolf. Müller in Ruith. gestorben den 26 Dezember 1874

English translation: Johannes Wolf. Miller in Ruith; died December 26, 1874.


German transcription: cupulirt 5 Juni 1823

English translation: Married June 5, 1823.


German transcription: Katharina Elisabeth geb. Wolf geb. 4 Mai 1843 lebt in Chicago

English translation: Katharina Elisabeth Wolf: born May 4, 1842, lives in Chicago.


German transcription: Phillipp Jakob Werthwein geb. den 9 März 1792. Schmied hier gestorben den 5 Febr. 1840

English translation: Phillipp Jakob Werthwein: born March 9, 1792; was a smith, and died here February 5, 1840.


German transcription: Jakob Eberhard Werthwein geb. den 10 April 1824 lebt in Hampshire Ills in North Amerika

English translation: Jakob Eberhard Werthwein: born April 10, 1824; lives in Hampshire, Illinois, North America.

He was known simply as Eberhard, and emigrated to America before marriage. He and his family are buried in the cemetery in Hampshire, Illinois; we should photograph the stones. His son, Charles Werthwein, married Katherine Becker, born 1864 in Jacksonville, Illinois. They met when he saw an attractive photograph in the window of a photography studio, and she emerged from the studio. She lived next door to the Mary Todd family who married Abraham Lincoln.

Charles and Katherine had four children. Two died early. The other two were Pearl Werthwein (never married, had wonderful operatic voice, family sent her to Europe for training at the Sorbonne, but she had some problem with her vocal cords and an operation ended her singing career; she died in Hampshire) and Percy C. Werthwein, born May 14, 1882, in Hampshire, Illinois. Attended Univ. of Wisconsin until he withdrew so that the family could afford to send his sister to Europe. The "C" was simply an initial, with no associated name.

Percy married Alice Caroline Bruner November 4, 1911, in Chester, Iowa. She was born June 11, 1890, in Elberon, Iowa, to Adam Bruner and Anna Fromm, and she died February 18, 1984, in National City, California. They went out to South Dakota and homesteaded there. Then they returned to Hampshire.

Katherine died in Hampshire, June 20, 1948, in Hampshire.

Percy died November 18, 1935, in Waterman, Illinois, as a result of an automobile accident near Leland. He was on a hunting expedition with friends.

There is a booklet called "Kane County, 1818-1968, Illinois Sesquicentennial", with handwritten marginal notes by Alice, which has a drawing of the Werthwein farm (in Burlington township) on page 34, center left, labelled as the residence of Henry Weightman. The cupola pictured there on the barn had to be removed when they moved there in 1915. They bought the farm from the brothers Henry and William Ackerman and $141 per acre. Phyllis and her siblings were all born in the farmhouse there. One of Alice's notes says that "W. Grandpa" (Charles), Bill, Alice, and Dolly attended the Elgin Academy.

The children of Percy and Alice are:


German transcription: Louisa Wilhelmina geb. Werthwein geb. den 22 April 1825 lebt in Chicago

English translation: Louisa Wilhelmina Werthwein: born April 22, 1825; lives in Chicago.


German transcription: Wilhelmina Katharine geb. Werthwein geb. 15 August 1826 lebt in Newark, N.J. North Amerika

English translation: Wilhelmina Katharine Werthwein: born August 15, 1826. Lives in Newark, New Jersey, North America.


German transcription: geboren den 29 Dezeber gestorben den 30 Dezeber 1827

English translation: [unnamed child] born December 29, 1827, died one day later.


German transcription: geboren und gestorben den 30 Dezember 1829

English translation: [unnamed child] born December 30, 1829; died the same day.


German transcription: Christina Rosina geb. Werthwein geb. Dezember 1830 lebt in Chicago

English translation: Christina Rosina Werthwein: born December 1830, lives in Chicago.

Phyllis thinks she married someone important in Chicago.


German transcription: geboren und gestorben den 12 April 1832

English translation: [unnamed child] born April 12, 1832; died the same day.


German transcription: C[???] Kimball Consul of U. States of Amerika Juni 16. 1886.

English translation: C[???] Kimball Consul of U. States of America, June 16, 1886 [apparently written by a German, since ``America'' and ``June'' are written in German.]


German transcription: Die Ubereinstimung dieser Angaben mit den Angaben der Kirchenbücher Knittlingen 11. Juni 1886. Beurkundet Koniglich würtembergisches Diakonf Amt Dieterle. Die Ächtheit der Unterschrieft des Gerichtamt begläubigt beÿ Oberamtgerich Oberamt Maulbron.

English translation: The conformity of this information with the information of the church books of the town of Knittlingen, June 11, 1886, is royally authenticated by the Würtemberg Deacon's office in the town of Dieterle. The validity of the signature of the judicial office is certified by the judicial upper office of the upper office in the town of Maulbron.